Hungry For Love – 7 Days Left to Fund this NYC Food Film!

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You can watch this movie & support it by on-line Festival link. Click here

 This project will only be funded if at least $60,000 is pledged by Mon, Dec 22 2014 .


Come all chefs, foodies, native New Yorkers and hungry tourists! A film only comes alive when people create dialogue around it. Everybody has their unique philosophies about food, strong recommendations of NYC restaurants or heartwarming stories about how the city has changed (for better or worse). And through our KICKSTARTER, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM accounts, we hope you can share your culinary & New York love with us, both before and well-after the film is made!


Hello, I’m writer/director Justin Ambrosino and I’m making my first feature film, something I only dreamed about when I first picked up a camera. But I grew up in the restaurant business, working at my father’s restaurant in Brooklyn. I saw everything from young lovers proposing over spaghetti alle vongole to seasoned lovers cheating over ricotta cheesecake. I even saw someone get beat with a wooden pepper grinder!

Food was always central to the stories I’d see and hear and soon it became a personal passion of mine. Then, came other factors such as health, weight, and body image issues. My family and I have battled diabetes, heart attacks, weight gain and loss, but still we can’t shake our love of all things food related. When we wake up, we talk about breakfast, with breakfast, we talk about lunch, during lunch, it’s all about the dinner, and at dinner – well, it’s “what are we gonna eat tomorrow?!” Does it sound like your family? Yes? No? Well, we love food. I love food. And each of us has our own delicious love affair.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. I’m not interested in preaching life lessons about food consumption, nor do I judge my characters on how they behave, instead I aim to show a different side of the food/health issue by exploring what it means to have a true passion for eating… and life. Ultimately, I believe living life to the fullest is what makes you beautiful and we all need that special someone who let’s us be ourselves!


Giovanni and Priscilla couldn’t be more different: Priscilla is struggling to publish her first book, after receiving a philosophy Ph. D., and Giovanni is a pastry delivery driver with dreams of traveling America on a food crawl. And each have faced their fair share of hardships: the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, overwhelming student debt… but when they meet for the first time they realize they also share a mutual passion for food.

And that’s when their unexpected journey begins. On a whim, they decide to go on an all-night, five-borough dining adventure together. Determined to leave all their personal struggles behind, and enjoy themselves once and for all, they explore cultural neighborhoods, meet unique characters and eat dishes to die for. But along the way, they realize they can’t escape their problems and must face them head-on. So, as they begin to peel back the onion of their lives, they ultimately find out who they really are.



JUSTIN AMBROSINO (Writer/Director) graduated from the American Film Institute where he received the prestigious Patricia Hitchcock O’Connell Scholarship. His short, “The 8th Samurai”, won more than 20 jury awards worldwide and qualified for the Academy Awards Shorts Category. Previously, Ambrosino was an assistant on numerous films such as “The Departed”, “Lord of War” and “The Producers”, as well as a Sapporo Artist-in-Residence, Kyoto Filmmaker’s Lab Fellow and a shadow director on “Law & Order: SVU”. Currently, Ambrosino is working on his feature debut “Hungry for Love”.

SOOJIN CHUNG (Producer) produced “Escape from Tomorrow” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. The LA Times called it “one of the most provocative movies ever seen” and Variety said, “Its cult status will remain immortal”. “Hungry for Love” will be Soojin’s feature film follow-up. Previously, Soojin worked on eight major feature films including Park Chan-Wook’s Venice winner “Lady Vengeance”. She also participated in the IFP Trans Atlantic Partners Program, Film Independent Project Involve, Tokyo Talent Campus and the CAAM Fellowship. In 2013, Chung was awarded one of the Best New American Filmmakers by the Vilchek Foundation.

ROMEO SCACCIA (Composer) graduated in piano, film music and composition in Lyon, Budapest and Amsterdam. Beside his successful career as a distinguished pianist, he loves the experience of composing music for film and multimedia projects. With his innovative approach on multi-style composing, he composed the score for “La Grazia” a classic Sardinian silent movie. His theme music has been performed live, with the a 70 piece orchestra, touring most of the capitol cities in Europe, combining a classical symphonic orchestra with a jazz ensemble and Launeddas players.




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